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VeriTrademark Overview

Tired of inefficient and unresponsive law firms with business models stuck in the 20th century?

So am I. That is why I started VeriTrademark in 2003 – a forward-thinking law practice with an efficient approach to legal practice that emphasizes leading edge technology and an old-fashioned customer service mindset.


VeriTrademark IdeaStill want to know more about me and my approach… and don’t mind the third person approach to exposition?

When founder Danny Bronski graduated from Duke with his law degree and MBA in 2002, he rejected many opportunities in “big law”, corporate america and elsewhere in favor of a riskier but more fulfilling path. Sensitive to many of the things that are broken about the institution of large law practice (broken both for clients and those unfortunates making a living within the system), Danny decided against morphing into paper pushing fodder for a large New York City law firm, and instead staged a quiet personal rebellion.  

And in 2002, where else was an ambitious and forward thinking young man who wants no part of the rat race to go but Seattle?

In the cliched version of the “go west, young man” tale, Danny gave away nearly all of his possessions (except what would fit in the car he wished he hadn’t bought a few months before), burned his textbooks in a ritual bonfire, and mosied west to Seattle with the goal of immersing himself in the life of helping businesses grow (including some of his own).

After a brief detour to create his own internet startup, Danny built a sophisticated law practice underpinned with a philosophy of avoiding many of the stodgy ways of doing business that have plagued law firms ever since law firms came to be.

More than a decade (and exactly zero regrets) later, the law practice Danny started has evolved and matured – but in a manner eerily consistent with his original principles.

What were those principles again? OK, I never really told you…

~ efficiency through technology

~ an emphasis on building relationships with the type of clients who are a good fit for his skills

~ providing superior responsiveness to those clients

~ and a practical but sophisticated approach to solving legal problems.

You can expect that any member of the VeriTrademark® team will be in alignment with these principles. I have spoken enough about Danny (and in the dreaded third person, no less), but if you are *really* interested in learning even more about Danny Bronski and his philosophy as it pertains to law practice, read about it here! Otherwise, you can schedule a consultation via the form on our side bar and find other ways to get in touch with the firm below.