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About VeriTrademark®

Tired of unresponsive law firms with business models stuck in the 20th century? Been burned by those fabulously not-so-skilled attorneys and generic form filling services offered by Legal Zoom and its progeny?

My cannabis, business and intellectual property law practice was started in 2003 to offer a forward-thinking, efficient and process-orientated approach to solving legal problems, and I have refined that approach over nearly 15 years of practice where I have served all manner of businesses. My approach embraces technology but also an old-fashioned customer service mindset. My firm and I serve as a strategic partner helping to solve complex business problems.

VeriTrademark Idea

You can expect that any member of the VeriTrademark® team will be in alignment with my practical but sophisticated approach to solving legal problems.

If you interested in learning even more about me (Danny Bronski) and my philosophy as it pertains to law practice, read about it here.

Otherwise, get in touch! I love to meet interesting people for coffee at any time but if you want to discuss legal issues, I do charge for consultations.