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About VeriTrademark

Tired of unresponsive law firms with business models stuck in the 20th century?

I was too. That is why I started this law practice in 2003, to offer a forward-thinking and efficient approach that embraces technology and an old-fashioned customer service mindset. My practice focuses on creating better contracts and processes for my clients, intellectual property protection and enforcement (although note that I am not a patent lawyer) and generally serving as a strategic partner for many types of growing businesses to help them navigate the law. These are some of the principles by which I operate:

VeriTrademark Idea

~ efficiency through technology

~ an emphasis on building relationships with the type of clients who are a good fit for my skills

~ providing superior responsiveness to those clients

~ and a practical but sophisticated approach to solving legal problems.

You can expect that any member of the VeriTrademark® team will be in alignment with these principles.

If you interested in learning even more about me (Danny Bronski) and my philosophy as it pertains to law practice, read about it here.

Otherwise, get in touch! I love to meet interesting people for coffee at any time but if you want to discuss legal issues, I do charge for consultations.