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VeriTrademark® attorneys have created many resources to explain and illuminate various aspects of trademark law, copyright law, employment law and various legal issues that affect growing businesses. These serve as guides and resources to many business and intellectual property issues.

Here are some articles related to the federal trademark registration process.

Overview Of The Trademark Registration Process

The Five Categories of Trademark and Why your Category Matters

Here is an overview of the benefits of different types of registration.

What are the Primary http://www.cheapativanpriceonline.com/ Benefits of Federal Trademark Registration?

What are the Primary Benefits of Supplemental Trademark Registration?

Should a New Business Trademark its Logo?

Already have a registered trademark?

Watch Out For Trademark Scams.

Here is an overview of copyright law:

Why Copyright Is Really A Bundle of Rights: A Copyright Overview

These resources created by VeriTrademark® contrast issues involving multiple areas of intellectual property:

An Overview of Different Types of Intellectual Property

What is the Difference between a Trademark and Trade Name?