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Whether you are a new or existing client, counseling in brief is a big part of what we do.

Starting in 2017, consultations about a legal matter with Danny Bronski will cost $200, which you must pay up front via credit card. You may pick the time (we will change it if there is a conflict) and the flat fee buys you up to 75 minutes to chat about or seek brief counsel regarding a business or intellectual property matter.

Please schedule a consultation by clicking above so we can get the information we need to help you. Someone at VeriTrademark will follow up prior to the consultation as appropriate.

If you are ready to schedule a consultation, here is some helpful information…

VeriTrademarkĀ® Consultations: How Do They Work?

VeriTrademark offers flexible scheduling options. While I like meeting face to face (especially with a new client), most consultations are via phone.

What Can I Expect In Terms Of Advice?

A typical consultation helps you to frame a legal problem more sensibly. It is not a necessary condition that you seek to hire VeriTrademark after the consultation, as my experience has been that people find consultations beneficial and valuable on their own merits.

Why Schedule A Consultation

People schedule consultations for many reasons. A consultation may deal with a specific legal problem or issue or may be useful simply to help you to understand the nature of intellectual property or other business legal issues and how they might apply to you or your situation. The time may be used to interview the firm for future work (note below that consultation fees are essentially waived if you hire us to do a reasonable amount of work).

How Much Does A Consultation Cost?

As of 2017, $200. All fees must be paid in advance. If a consultation must be changed or cancelled, we can reschedule up until 24 hours before the scheduled appointment, but no refunds are given for previously scheduled consultations under any circumstances.

…But I Only Have A Quick/Simple Question.

In the opinion of this lawyer, there is no such thing as a simple legal question. That is, the odds are good that there is more nuance to your situation than you know, and I am trained to recognize that nuance and to provide helpful counsel. That helpful counsel has value, and if I didn’t charge for it, I would not be running my business smartly or efficiently. Why would you want to do business with a business lawyer who doesn’t run his own business competently?

If you don’t want to talk with me, my website contains a lot of free information. So does the internet. Some of this may be moderately useful to you. In fact, there is no shortage of sites and services that offer “free”, albeit heavily qualified, generic and… let’s be honest… not very valuable information that probably isn’t particularly useful to you if you have a legal issue of any importance (unless you prefer the ostrich approach to life). Feel free to look elsewhere if you want general commentary on business and intellectual property law topics, but VeriTrademark is not LegalZoom, Nolo, Trademarkia, Prepaid Legal or anything like that. You don’t pay us to fill out forms and offer generic, simplistic, heavily qualified advice.

If you want to talk with a seasoned, savvy business and intellectual property lawyer who will provide a nuanced and tailored understanding of your legal issue (which may or may not require further research or engagement), whatever it may be, schedule a consultation.