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Flat Fee Services

At VeriTrademark, our default hourly rate in 2017 is $300 for transactional work, $350 for litigation, and $125 for paralegal work. However, I prefer to do most of my work via monthly flat fee retainer or flat fee a la carte services.

Most of our trademark and copyright work is flat fee based, and you can order the most common services via web-based forms (we will usually have to gather more information after the fact, but don’t let that stop you). Clicking the links below will take you to pages that include the forms.

Trademark Registration: Most commonly, we charge $1,300 for research and filing of a federal trademark in one trademark class. If the filing is intent-based, we will charge $475 for extensions or statements of use.

Trademark Monitoring: We charge 0 per mark per class per year to monitor the trademark database for potential problems that relate to your existing trademarks.

Trademark Office Actions: Most commonly, we charge $300 for responses to procedural office actions and $900 for responses to substantive office actions. Substantive office actions require legal argument, and we charge more for responses that require more than four hours.

Copyright Registrations: Most commonly, we charge $400 for a simple copyright application.

The fees quoted above are estimates only – caveats apply as every legal matter is unique and not everything is appropriate for a flat fee. To the extent that we can’t charge a flat fee or must charge a higher one, we strive for transparency.