Services for Buyers and Sellers of Businesses 2017-08-17T10:52:40+00:00

As an attorney who represents buyers and sellers of businesses, Danny Bronski of VeriTrademark® offers a unique skill set that includes:

  • Almost a decade of legal experience negotiating complex agreements
  • A strong academic finance background that includes a summa cum laude undergraduate finance degree and a Duke MBA with a finance emphasis
  • Professional finance experience that includes investment banking and accounting

Danny excels at drafting comprehensive and easily understandable business agreements and he (unlike almost all other lawyers) actually understands the economic fundamentals underlying most transactions.

While Danny is willing to work hourly on purchase and sale transactions, he strongly encourages a flat fee arrangement. Most typically, VeriTrademark® charges 2% of the transaction price (earned at closing) subject to a minimum $3,000 retainer.

Every business sale is different and offers unique challenges. We’ve been known to get creative structuring fees on these deals when the circumstances warrant, so please inquire as to how we can help you.