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Other Services

VeriTrademark® provides a range of related services for growing businesses or those with intellectual property issues. Many of these services are priced on a flat-fee basis, and some our based on hourly fees (yah, we hate those too) or hybrid models.


The most common services we provide on a flat fee basis:

  • Virtual general counsel services and packages (detailed here)
  • Trademark registration and monitoring services (detailed here) and office action responses (detailed here)
  • Business formation services (detailed here)
  • Consultations (detailed here)


The most common services we provide on an hourly or hybrid basis:

  • Drafting and negotiating agreements (including licensing, employment, and business formation agreements, among others)
  • USPTO disputes, including cancellation and opposition proceedings
  • Demand letter related to domain or intellectual property issues
  • Business or intellectual property litigation
  • Purchase or sale of a business (detailed here)


At VeriTrademark®, we strive for transparency, and our pricing scheme is value-based. I know phentermine “value-based” has turned into overused meaningless jargon, but all it really means is that we try to align our interests with yours whenever possible, and we seek to charge a flat fee (or a predictable fee) for our services whenever practical.  Also, we do not “nickel and dime” clients by adding fees for things like postage, photocopying or phone charges in most cases.

In the absence of an alternate arrangement, 2017 hourly rates are as follows:

2017 Hourly Rates

Danny Bronski $300
Associate Attorneys $225
Paralegal Rate $110

Talk to us to make sure you get an apples to apples comparison of how our services stack up. We don’t do much litigation these days but our hourly litigation rate is $350.

While we do not provide free consultations (for philosophical reasons we are happy to discuss, but it can be reduced to the maxim that “free work begets more free work”), the value of our paid consultations is explained here.