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Office Actions

An office action is communication from the USPTO that presents a barrier to registering a mark and requires a time-sensitive response.

Procedural office actions require further clarification or information with the examiner but do not require a legal argument.

Substantive office actions require a legal argument. VeriTrademark® fees start at $900 for responses to substantive office actions. These are never included as part of our flat fee registration process but our trademark analysis will often alert you to the possibility of such an issue.

Do You Want To Hire VeriTrademark To Respond To An Office Action?

Do you want to have a real trademark lawyer with a decade of experience dealing with trademark law issues respond to your trademark office action?

If you’ve already applied for a trademark and received an office action, we will review it for $100 and discuss it with you prior to charging any other fees. We gather the information we need to help via a simple web-based form.

Please Fill Out Our Trademark Office Action Response Form.