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Trade Names Versus Trademarks

One of the issues that most commonly arises with new clients of mine is that they confuse their business trade names with trademarks. Specifically, many companies incorrectly assume that once they have chosen a name and registered that name with the state of incorporation, they have unlimited rights to that name in connection with [...]

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Cannabis Trademark Registration (and Licensing Issues in Washington)

The tension between state laws and federal law and the constantly evolving state regulatory frameworks make the cannabis industry the most interesting area in intellectual property right now, in this lawyer's opinion. HOW DO CANNABIS COMPANIES PROTECT THEIR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY? One of the most critical challenges a cannabis business faces is how to capture [...]

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Registering Descriptive Trademarks

My clients are often confused about what their options are if their trademark is deemed "merely" descriptive by the trademark examiner. Key Point #1: "Merely" descriptive is a legal term of art. One of the reasons your trademark application can be rejected is because the trademark is "merely" descriptive of the goods or services. [...]

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Trademark Scams

Rarely a week goes by that one of my trademark clients doesn't ask me about strange letters or emails they get related to their trademarks. My inaugural blog post summarizes my thoughts on this correspondence. Key Point #1: If you are my client, I am the only person you should ever have to pay for [...]

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